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Handcrafted since 2008, WA6 (2nd gen) has set the standard for headphone amplifiers in its class. It can drive full-size headphones and in-ear monitors ranging from 8–600 Ohms with ease. WA6 (2nd gen) is an all-tube design, Class-A, transformer-coupled, single-ended triode (SET) amplifier. Under the hood of the all aluminum chassis is the same clean point-to-point wiring and premium quality parts found in our top tier models. WA6 (2nd gen) is an exceptional headphone amplifier for every music lover.

  • Updated to 2nd generation in April 2017
  • 2nd gen is a minor update to driver/power tubes from 6v to 13v
  • Tubes: 13DE7 driver/power x 2, 5U4G rectifier x 1
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tube sockets
  • Singled-ended Triode, Class-A
  • Transformer-coupled, Point-to-Point wiring
  • Pseudo-dual power supply
  • RCA input x 1
  • HI / LO headphone impedance switch
  • 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo headphone output (8–600 Ohms)
  • ALPS potentiometer and power switch
  • Anodized aluminum chassis, available in black or silver
  • Self-biasing with compatible tubes [chart]
  • Global voltage (100v–220v) without converter
  • Dimensions: 6"(H), 5½"(W), 13"(D), 13 lbs.


  • WA6 (2nd gen) headphone amplifier x 1

  • 13DE7 vacuum tube x 2

  • 5U4G vacuum tube x 1

*AC power cord and audio cables are not included

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